Estate Planning

What can a Pittsburgh Estate Planning Attorney provide

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Living Will and Healthcare Directives
  • Prepare a Trust
  • Advise you as to best plan your estate while giving consideration to tax consequences.

Why do you need a Pittsburgh estate planning attorney

Protecting your family’s interests after your passing

One of the most difficult tasks for most people is discussing an estate plan as it forces you to confront the topic of your own mortality. However, without prudent planning, you can be leaving behind a mess for your family to clean up. Further, a well drafted estate plan can prevent the family fights over who is entitled to what property. You estate plan should be designed to fulfill your wishes well also minimizing the tax consequences on your loved ones.

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Types of Wills

There are many types of wills that can be utilized for your estate plan. It is important to discuss what your goals are for your estate plan to determine what the best will to suit your needs. You can discuss your priorities with your Pittsburgh estate planning attorney today. These are the most common types of wills that are utilized for estate planning.

  • Simple Will
  • Testamentary Trust Will
  • Joint Will
  • Living Will
  • Pour-over Will

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