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Every divorce is unique and presents different challenges. Every divorce will go through multiple stages. Each divorce will start with the filing of a Complaint followed by the discovery phase. Upon completion of discovery your divorce will proceed to the settlement/negotiation phase. Finally, if the parties cannot reach an agreement your divorce will proceed to a trial. It is vital to have an experienced attorney to guide you through these stages of divorce.

  • Experienced in high net worth divorces.
  • We develop a strategy tailored to the circumstances of you divorce with a focus on efficiency to reduce you total cost.
  • You won’t be waiting weeks by the phone for your attorney to return your call with a focus on quick response rate.

Your divorce will focus on the division of your marital assets. However, most divorces will include litigation for custody, child support and spousal support. Varrati Law will guide you through these processes with a focus on positioning you to come out of your divorce in the best position possible to start your new life.

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